Eddy Parnell. 33 . From and based in London.
Fine Art Photographer/Artist/ Image Retoucher /Collector/ Puppeteer.

In past and present works Eddy has taken serious worldly issues and laced them with sardonic humour and controversial undertones, represented presently through the medium of photography.

His Debut exhibition Happy Birthday Lamppost was hosted by Sir Paul Smith in May 2011.

Eddy is extremely fortunate enough to surround himself with amazing talent individuals that helping assist him to reach his extremely ambitious dreams and goals. Ranging from the award-winning web and graphic designers, photographers to producers and puppeteers that created shows from his youth. If you are reading this. Thank you, You know who you are.

Like Jim Henson, ‘Eddy hopes to leave the world a bit better than when he got here.’

He is a proud member of the BPMTG and the British UNIMA.

If you would like to get in contact, his email address is: info@eddyparnell.com

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